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Part worn tyres Dartford

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If your car has just failed its MOT based on the safety of its tyres, you may be worried about how much a brand new (or multiple brand new) tyres are going to cost you. Brand new tyres are very safe, but they can be cost prohibitive for many hard-working car owners who just need a safe vehicle to get them from A to B.

A safe tyre does not have to cost the earth, and there is nothing in the law that states that a new tyre has to be ‘new.’ A tyre simply needs to be compatible with the other tyres on your car and it needs to be safe.

A safe tyre must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across the central ¾ band of the tyre as well as the circumference. All of the part worn tyres Dartford that are available at Heath Tyres are guaranteed to have more than sufficient tread depth for the tyre to not only be legal and safe but also to last you for as long as possible.

The average brand new tyre can last around 20,000 miles on the front wheels of a front wheel drive, with the back wheels lasting up to twice what the steering wheels can. A part-worn tire will cost a fraction of the price of a brand new tyre but could give you 10-15,000 miles plus on the front of your car.

Tyre Checks

At Heath Tyres, all of our part worn tyres Dartford are checked to ensure that they are structurally safe. There will be no bulges, no tears, no nails or anything else lodged in the surface of the tyre. The part worn tyre will be fit for purpose, road legal and safe. We will also ensure that the part worn tyre that you purchase will be compatible with the other tyres on your car. It is essential that whenever you change a tyre on your car that it is compatible with all the other tyres.

Not checking this can be a costly mistake as it can cause unlimited damage to your car and also lead to you needing to change all four tyres! It is simply not worth the hassle! You can check with the professionals at Heath Tyres to ensure that your part worn tyres Dartford are the right ones for the car that you have and will work well with the other tyres that are fitted to your car.

The cheapest part worn tyres Dartford has

Once your part worn tyre is fitted to your car by Heath Tyres, it is essential that you check the tyre pressure regularly to make sure that you are getting longevity out of the part worn tyre you have purchased. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to ensure that your part worn tyre is properly maintained is to regularly check your tyre pressure. An over-inflated tyre could cause the tyre to wear out faster than it needs to and an underinflated tyre can be prone to blowouts and to not grip the road properly. For all your part-worn tyre needs, contact Heath Tyres Dartford.