Crayford Tyres

All kinds of variables can influence how long your tyres last. In theory, front tyres can last around 20,000 miles and rear tyres can last almost double that in total. However, many drivers will find that at least one of the tyres on their vehicle will not last that long. Front tyres tend to wear out faster on a front wheel drive car than the tyres on the back of the car because of the steering movement. If you drive at high speeds on a regular basis, you will also find that your tyres will be more prone to wearing out faster, especially if you’ve been carrying heavy loads in your vehicle. You may also find that your driving style can affect the length of time your tyres last you – so avoid sudden or aggressive breaking if you can help it!

Tread Safety

Your tyres will become illegal and dangerous should the tread drop below the 1.6mm legal limit. This can easily be checked using a 20p piece in the groove of one of the treads. If you can see the outer rim of the coin, then your tyre is likely to not be roadworthy. A 20p is slightly thicker than 1.6mm, so if you can see too much of it in the groove of the tyre, you really need to get a new one! For Crayford tyres, you can find quality tyres that are roadworthy and safe from Heath Tyres.

You may need a new tyre if you can see a bulge or tear in the wall of the tyre. If you can see an abnormality in your tyre, it is likely that the structure of the tyre itself has been compromised and is, therefore, more likely to go flat. A clear abnormality in the tyre can render it illegal, which could also mean that if you are involved in an accident (even if it wasn’t your fault) your insurance company could refuse to pay out and your motor insurance policy cancelled.


A cancelled motor insurance policy can be a headache that keeps on giving as it makes it extremely difficult and costly to source a comprehensive insurance policy following a forced policy cancellation. If you are in any doubt about how roadworthy your tyre is, please do get it checked. Heath Tyres can help you to find the right Crayford tyres, should you have any concerns about sourcing and fitting tyres in the Crayford area.

Any new tyre that is fitted to your car must be compatible with the tyres that are already on your car. Please do not waste your time trying to save a few pounds on a tyre that will ‘do for now.’ It will not. It will essentially end up costing you more money because an incompatible tyre will damage your vehicle and could cause an accident. Always seek advice from a professional with experience in fitting tyres to find the most cost-effective way to solve your tyre-related problem.