Cheap Tyres Dartford

Do you have a flat tyre? Have you been told that your tyre is likely to not be road legal? If you are looking for cheap tyres Dartford, then Heath Tyres can help you to find the most cost-effective solutions for all of your tyre needs.

Many people are guilty of not checking their tyres regularly and only find out that their tyres are dangerous when their car fails its MOT. All cars and small goods vehicles must have a minimum tread of 1.6mm across the central ¾ band of the tyre. You can easily check this with a 20p piece. This can be done by inserting a 20p piece into one of the tread grooves on the tyre. As the 20p is slightly wider than 1.6mm, it will give you a good idea of how much tread you have on your tyre. Should your tread be under the 1.6mm, it is not legal to use and therefore you won’t be getting far in your car.

Tyre Safety

Your tyres are the only things that keep your car on the road, so it is vital that you have sufficient tread so that your car is gripping on to the road’s surface. Limited tread will cause your tyres to be too slippery and will mean that your car’s break will be ineffective and also puts you in danger of spinning out of control, causing a serious accident. If you are concerned about the quality of the tread on your tyres, please do contract Heath Tyres to put your mind at ease with some high-quality cheap tyres in Dartford.

A further aspect that needs to be checked on your tyres is the structural integrity of them. If you can see or feel bulges, tears or if cord or ply is visible, then it is likely that your tyre has a structural issue and needs replacing. A common cause of compromise to the structural integrity of your tyre is the embedding of a foreign object into the tyre wall. This usually consists of a nail or a shard of glass picked up from the road’s surface. This will not only affect the structure of the tyre, but also the pressure of the tyre.

Tyre Pressure

The wrong pressure in the tyre can cause all kinds of issues. For example, if the pressure is too high in an over-inflated tyre, the tread will wear out quickly and won’t be cost-effective. If the tyre pressure is too low (which is often the result of a structural integrity) then stopping distances will be affected and the tyre will be more prone to a blowout. A blowout can be scary but also very costly should you crash the vehicle. It is your responsibility to make sure that your tyres are safe and have the appropriate pressure levels.

Don’t leave your safety and the safety of other road users to chance. Get your tyres checked and replaced. Good quality, cheap tyres Dartford can be found at Heath Tyres.